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Valued Guest,

The COVID19 pandemic that has engulfed the world at large has had a great impact on us all and our main concern at this time is the health and safety of all our guests and team members. With the easing of the lockdown in India, we are now gearing up to re-start operations keeping the strictest precautionary measures in place. A lot of reasoning and study has gone into preparing our staff and hotels to welcome guests back.

We have re-assessed and re-planned our brand and service standards in preparation to ensure the highest level of guest safety. All measures being taken are in keeping with the guidelines issued for the hospitality industry by the ministry of health & family welfare, the WHO and FSSAI.

The purpose of this document is to apprise you of the changes and precautions being taken by Samode hotels, in service designs and standards to address the crucial requirements of social distancing, hygiene and safety of our guests and team. These measures will be in place till the health and safety conditions improve worldwide. We understand that this is a constantly changing situation and so too will our measures and practices.

During these trying times, we look forward to your support and patience as we strive for excellence in service, that Samode symbolizes. The true “Samode Experience” awaits your family and you, as we look forward to make your stay safe and enjoyable.

Team Samode.

Summary of our standards

All team members wear masks and gloves at all times and follow the hygiene and safety protocols.

Social distancing norms are always followed by all the team members.
Temperature readings of all resident or non-resident guests and visitors are taken before entering the hotel. Procedures are in place to sanitize handbags and luggage.
Hygiene kits (sanitizers. tissue papers, individually wrapped masks) are provided at all interaction points for guests and for team member’s use.
All high touch points in public areas like door handles, elevator buttons, countertops, tabletops, railing, etc. are cleaned continuously using a sanitizer/ disinfectant.
All departure rooms will be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and fogged with only certified chemicals adhering to the industry norms along with the steaming of sofas and curtains. The rooms will be rested for a period of 48 hours before being allocated to the next guest.
All supplies and materials are sanitized before being admitted to the hotel premises.
Protocols are in place for the staff in kitchen, restaurant, in room dining to sanitize their hands every time they serve food or touch food related items.
A guest check-in self-declaration form is in place, which covers COVID 19 symptoms. Any guest who indicates the symptoms is required to under go medical examination prior to check in.
To ensure all standards and protocols are adhered to, each department of the hotel has a dedicated Hygiene and safety Manager.
Restaurants and seating in the lobby have been reconfigured to ensure safe distancing is maintained between guests.
Following government guidelines, The Health Club, Pool and Spa will remain closed until advised.
On request Yoga mats and free weights will be provided to the guest’s room.

An open Air Gym has been created for our health conscious guests.



To facilitate quick and contactless check-in our reservation team will highlight to our guest about changes in service design and promote contactless service while promoting options for digitally sharing of health assessment form, copies of ID’s , digital payments, Dietary preferences ,travel history etc.

Samode website will feature all the changed service offerings. And would also be communicated to the guest along with the booking confirmation.

Prior to arrival, guest will be asked if they would like to discuss personal preferences on service levels and interaction with colleagues.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that your travel plans might be affected, given such extra ordinary times. If cause of cancellation is due to any “force majeure” situation, and you have paid booking deposits, you may choose to either cancel these with no penalties or hold them with us for future travels until 31st March’2021.

Validity of this offer, 1st April’2020 to 30th September’2020.

If you have made your reservations through travel agents or on line travel websites, we request you to contact them to cancel or amend the reservation.

For all new reservation, we would like to assure you that we are entirely flexible and have instituted a policy that will allow you to cancel or amend your reservation at any time.

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Arrival and check-in

Guests will be greeted with folded hands (Namaste), while maintaining safe distance all times.

The porch will have a desk with all the hygiene and safety kits.

Guest’s temperature will be recorded using a contact-less thermoscan.

Luggage will be disinfected at the time of arrival prior to scanning.

Hand luggage, phones, keys, tablets will be thoroughly disinfected. We request your patience.

All cars will be sanitized, guests in self-driven cars will be requested to park their own vehicle in the designated areas.

Traditional welcome will be discontinued to adhere to social distancing norms.

Guests will be offered mineral water bottles or preferred drinks at the time off arrival in the courtyard following all the necessary protocols.

All guests will be required to sign a self-declaration form upon check-in.

Guests will be briefed about the hotel’s level of preparedness in hygiene, safety and the change of service offerings.

Guests will be escorted to the rooms with proper social distancing till the entrance door only, unless requested otherwise by the guest.

The same protocol will be followed with the guest luggage.

In Residence

All rooms will be rested for a period of 48 hours depending on WHO and Local Government guidelines, before being allocated to the next guest.

All departure rooms will be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and fogged with only certified chemicals adhering to the industry norms along with the steaming of sofas and curtains.

Extra focus on areas/ surfaces such as door handles/knobs, remote control, writing table tops, switches, telephones, water closet flush handles, health faucet, vanity counter, bathroom floors and linen.

Only a designated member will be allowed to enter the room for the purpose of cleaning. Room cleaning will be done when the guest is not in the room.

All required information regarding the facilities of the hotel will be contactless either through television or QR codes.

Visitors of the guest will not be permitted access to the guest rooms.

A single use amenity bag will be placed in all the guest rooms, which will include sanitizer, mask, gloves, anti-bacterial wipes, pencil, earplugs and personal safe key.

Minibars will be kept empty and be replenished on request.

Bathrobes and other amenities will be provided to guests only on request after cleaning and sanitization.

Once the guest is in residence further cleaning of the room will be provided only if requested by the guest including the turndown service.

No newspaper or magazines will be provided.

Dining Experience

As part of the covid19 measures being taken to ensure the health & safety of all our guests - one of the most significant changes being made at our hotels is the dining experience.

We are focusing primarily on fresh produce and fresh meals - incorporating the farm to table concept as much as we possibly can.

This pandemic has given us time to focus our energies on developing the kitchen gardens on all our properties, ensuring that our guests eat, that which is freshly grown by us or sourced directly from the local farmers, and not ingredients coming out of a cold storage.

We are working on menus for the day - cooking with only those ingredients that are fresh and readily available on a given day.

Another aspect will be outdoor dining. Our guests will have a different location for every meal - we believe that meals enjoyed in the abundance of nature’s beauty are the most memorable ones and this also ensures added sanitization as we all know the spread of this infection is vastly limited in the great outdoors.

Hygiene kit (sanitizer, tissue, sealed disinfectant wipes, gloves) will be placed for guests and team.

Temperature of the In-house guests will be checked at the restaurant during breakfast. We request your patience.

Guests will be requested to make table reservations in advance.

The seating for the dining will be realigned adhering to social distancing norms.

To limit the exposure, through the service period, only one team member will interact with the guest (including order taking, food pickup, billing.)

During winters, Shawls will be dry cleaned after every use and sealed in eco- friendly individual bags.

Clearance of the table will be done by a designated member only.

Cashless payments would be encouraged and the EDC machine will be sanitized before and after each use.

Sanitizer/ disinfected wipes will be presented with the bill folder.

Weddings / Events at Samode:

We are living through a difficult time but it is upto us to look within and count our blessings. Family is what makes us truly fortunate - come celebrate your family functions with us as we open our bookings for weddings and events. All events require there to be a guest list of no more than fifty guests as per the Government of India regulations .We will be following all covid19 guidelines, measures and protocols with added stress on the hygiene and safety of all guests, as we prepare to host your momentous occasion with us.The staff have been undergoing intensive training for the same and all our properties have been thoroughly sanitised - which remains an ongoing process.

Our team has been working tirelessly to prepare both staff and the properties for events so that when you arrive you can truly enjoy your time with us as you celebrate with your loved ones and make memories at Samode.

We are also open for bookings for events, lunches, dinners, birthday and anniversary celebrations - keeping in mind the fifty guest limit as per Government guidelines and all covid19 measures will be adhered to with the utmost diligence. Come celebrate your special moments with us!


Team members will wear mask, caps and disposables gloves at all times and will not touch any food with bear hands.

Mask will be changed each time they get wet or once every Six hours.

Safe distance norms will be practiced while working in their designated sections.

Zones have been created within each section to prevent cross movement.

The kitchen floors will be cleaned and sanitized minimum four times a day using certified chemicals only.

Before and after commencement of operations, the kitchen will undergo a deep cleaning as per the specified protocols and norms including fogging of the complete kitchen.

All surfaces and tabletops will be sanitized prior to and after every use.

Team members will have their own set of kitchen tools, which will not be shared; For example pens, knives, peelers etc.

The kitchen will have one designated person in each shift to monitor hygiene and cleaning.

A weekly audit of the standards of hygiene and prevention measure will be done by a certified Microbiologist.

Receiving of Goods

Medical kit to include mask, gloves, face shield and bio-disposable garbage bags.

All vendors have been informed of the COVID-19 preventions, measures and mandatory standards to be adhered to.

There will be two sets of trolleys used for transferring the goods, one for transferring from the vehicle till the receiving bay and the other for transferring to the designated areas in the hotel.

When the goods are quarantined, tagging will be done mentioning date of receiving.

All items, which cannot be sanitized, will be quarantined for 24 hours in a designated room with UV rays.

The delivery vehicle will be sanitized before entering the hotel, the temperature of the driver will be recorded and no goods will be received if the driver records a temperature 99 degree Fahrenheit which is above normal body temperature of 98.6 degree.

Transportation / Concierge

Fog master will be used for spraying and disinfecting the interiors and exteriors of the car prior to every pickup and drop.

Bottled water, sealed wet wipes, mask and sanitizer will be available in all cars.

There will be two sets of trolleys used for transferring the goods, one for transferring from the vehicle till the receiving bay and the other for transferring to the designated areas in the hotel.

Chauffer will wear gloves, mask at all times with guests.

No newspaper or magazines would be provided in the car.


This document is not a substitute of national or regional regulations or government recommendations.

Implementing all the protocols and measures described in this document will not guarantee 100% absence of the risk of a COVID-19 contamination.

As such, Samode Hotels stands indemnified and may not be held responsible for its content or any incident resulting from its application or lack thereof.